There ASUS Eee Top with the Celeron, instead of Atom

December 2, 2008, 3:11 pm

   Unlike netbukov their desktop brethren - nettopy not become equally popular, and fall short of expectations on sales that were planned at the beginning of their production, four months ago. Wishing to increase the attractiveness of its Eee Top, Asustek introduced version of the device with a processor with Intel Celeron 220 instead of Intel Atom and the hard drive more - 120 GB instead of 80 GB, while lowering the cost - reported sources. Price devices on the Taiwan market will be about 240 U. S. equivalent.
The price of the same configuration, complete with 19 display will be approximately U. S. $ 360 set of Eee Top with a Atom, 80 GB hard disk, keyboard, mouse and a manipulator Eee Stick will be sold for 300 U. S. expects Asustek, in the current year will be shipped to 100-200 thousand Eee Top, and more than a million - in 2009, the company Intel predicts that the volume of shipments nettopov exceed 60 million devices by 2011


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