There has updated API service Google Friend Connect

March 18, 2009, 11:35 pm

   Google Friend Connect service can be developed indefinitely because of its social orientation and the use of custom sites. We must pay tribute to the developers at Google. Like the other projects the company, Google Friend Connect is integrated in a custom page without much trouble. To use the service uses a software interface, or API, which has been updated and the search giant`s software.
The developers tried to expand the capabilities of the new API, with the first version of the interface functions of the programmers were trying to not change at all. The second version actually allows for a deeper integration of Google Friend Connect in custom websites and applications. For example, a set of JavaScript API, enabling integration with a custom page layout view, thus making the appearance of Google Friend Connect is unique for each site, where, over, want to take advantage of these advanced capabilities. REST API allows you to combine the existing system of user input and existing data with new. Also a possibility of creating modules for easy integration into Google Friend Connect sites in different content management systems.


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