Thermaltake Fanless 330 cooled graphics card without the fan

September 12, 2008, 11:34 am

thermaltake fanless 330 cooled graphics card without the fan 
thermaltake fanless 330 cooled graphics card without the fan   At a popular site YuoTube company Thermaltake Technology has deployed a small video presentation, showing her in the release of a new VGA-cooler passive type called Fanless 330.
As is evident from the disclosures, the decision constructively consists of polished to a mirror shine copper grounds on which departed four fairly thick copper heat pipes. In doing so, two of them pass through a rectangular aluminum radiator, which is located above the base, while each of the two other bears the one additional radiators, hangs over the back side graphics card.
The developers emphasized that their offspring is totally silently, but strongly recommend installing the"accelerator product in a well ventilated building.
Regarding the list of compatible with the new video card cooler, as well as its estimated cost and the likely date of release, then any information about this at the moment no.


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