Thermaltake LUXA2 LM100:miniature and lasting HTPC-shell

April 8, 2009, 11:59 am

thermaltake luxa2 lm100:miniature and lasting htpc-shell   The young enterprise LUXA2, a division of Thermaltake, formed in the first quarter of this year, announced the release of a HTPC-shell LM100, for the installation of motherboard factor Mini-ITX. Note that this new public was first demonstrated at the March 2009 CeBIT exhibition.
The body with dimensions of 282, 5 x 232 x 132, 8 mm made of solid aluminum sheet with thickness of 5 mm. On the front panel display is available, showing a graphic equalizer and a variety of system information, media information, as well as time, weather, news from the internet, the notification of new emails. In addition to the LM100 is also equipped with an infrared receiver and comes with a remote control.
In the body there is a place for low optical drive, 3, 5-inch drive. Manufacturer installed power capacity of 200 W and the cooling system, which is represented by a pair of 50-mm fan rotating at a maximum speed of 4000 rpm.
New product will go on sale next month.


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