ThermalTake Xpressar - the first serial shell with a built-freonkoy

September 24, 2008, 9:05 am

thermaltake xpressar - the first serial shell with a built-freonkoythermaltake xpressar - the first serial shell with a built-freonkoythermaltake xpressar - the first serial shell with a built-freonkoy 
thermaltake xpressar - the first serial shell with a built-freonkoy   ThermalTake The company presented its new housing Xpressar RCS100 for desktop PCs with built-cooling system that works on the principle of a phase transition. Until recently, the cooling system to freon gas used to disperse the only adventure enthusiasts, now more reliable and stable system went into the series.
The main advantage of this approach to cooling is reliability and compactness. Indeed, cooled by the system CPU is cooled to a temperature close to ambient temperature, which allows to forget about condensation. A simple design provides a compact and allows the system placed in the shell, without prejudice to the ergonomic placement of other components.
The original cooling system Xpressar RCS100 developed separately and was first presented at Computex 2008 as a standalone product, but the compact size of the developers met at the idea to establish its base case for desktop PCs, which they successfully did. According to the classification of housing ThermalTake Xpressar RCS100 belongs to the type of supertower and allows for its motherboard form factor ATX and micro ATX, seven 5, 25-inch and five 3, 5-inch device, as well as up to 10 cards expansion. The front Xpressar RCS100 closed aluminum door appearance reminiscent of the door shell Xaser VI, and side panels are made of sheet steel thickness of 1 mm. His size is 605h250h660 mm and weighs RCS100 22, 2 kg.
According to the manufacturer, built cooling system allows you to keep working temperature of the processor Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 at 35 ° C and at the same level of noise does not exceed 20 decibels. In addition to staffing cooling equipment, Xpressar also may come with four 140-mm fans on the front, top and bottom panels, as well as a similar fan for airflow to the video card.
on the cost and start date of retail sales promising Packaging ThermalTake Xpressar RCS100 unfortunately still do not know, but the network is already working promosayt Xpressar.


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