ThermoLab Micro Silencer - a small cooler for Socket LGA775

April 20, 2009, 8:46 am

thermolab micro silencer - a small cooler for socket lga775   If you wish to organize your desktop quality air cooling CPU Intel Socket LGA775 performed with a TDP of less than 105 W Company ThermoLab Co. offers a very effective solution in a compact and lightweight cooler called Micro Silencer.
This model has dimensions of 103, 5 x 99 x 59 mm and weighs only 276 g. It was built with the use of proprietary technology Power Clamping Technology (PCT), which led to high productivity in a product with such a small size.
New constructively consists of the original design of the aluminum radiator with integrated sole contact with the surface of the chip, as well as two thick heat pipes made of copper. On top of radiator is 95 mm fan with speed control function of the method of pulse-width modulation, which is calculated at 70, 000 hours of reliable operation at a temperature of 40 degrees on the Celsius scale. The maximum rotational speed of propeller is 2600 rpm, while the level of noise created by them does not exceed the mark of 34, 6 dB.
Now you just know when and at what price this product will be available for purchase.


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