THQ postpones exit Red Faction:Guerilla and Darksiders

November 7, 2008, 1:53 pm

thq postpones exit red faction:guerilla and darksiders 
thq postpones exit red faction:guerilla and darksiders   The company THQ announced its decision to hold output game Red Faction:Guerrilla (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) and Darksiders:Wrath of War (PS3, Xbox 360) until the next fiscal year, which ends on 31 March 2010. Earlier, both projects should have been out until the spring of 2009. The reason for the delay is not disclosed.
Red Faction:Guerrilla - the continuation of the famous dilogii shuterov, the main feature of which was the possibility of destroying levels. Guerrilla, unlike his predecessors, is the action of a third person.
Darksiders:Wrath of War - an original action pro riders apocalypse. Created with the participation of the famous artist Joe Meda (Joe Mad), who worked with the Korean NC Soft and created the comic series Battle Chasers.
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