TI DSP 15 submitted to reduced

May 12, 2008, 11:44 pm

ti dsp 15 submitted to reduced   Company Texas Instruments almost completely updated its range of signal processors, introducing 15 new models at once, different from its predecessors, primarily, significantly lower levels of energy consumption, reduce up to twenty. In addition, new items of interest and many other characteristics - for example, the first time in the history of its proposed activities TI chip, combining ARM CPU kernel with signal processor to perform operations with a floating point. In addition, there was reunification of the two"branches"family C6000, chips for handling numbers with fixed and floating point, at one time separated and develop independently for several years.
processors are presented to the four families:C550x, C640x, C674x and OMAP-L1x. A more detailed examination will start with line C674x. The company claims that these chips are different among the lowest consumption of signal processors for processing numbers with floating point. Compared with their predecessors, the C674x"reduced appetite"in active mode three times, and in standby mode - twenty-fold. These devices can be used in various audio, medical equipment and industrial applications. In addition, these chips can perform without any porting not only"home"team from the set C67x for processing with a floating point numbers, but also commands action over the numbers with a fixed decimal point C64x.
As part of a family of OMAP-L1x also contains many innovations. Together with the proposed optional ARM9 core nucleus DSP C64x, C674x, or audio coprocessor. In addition, the devices are compatible OMAP-L1x on contacts with new models C674x and C640x, which allows designers to choose the best solution in any case, preserving a high degree of standardization of various developments.
New signal processors C640x, according to the manufacturer, half consume less power than has so far issued by representatives of this family. TI positioning data DSP"to add the portability of applications with intensive calculations", such as program-controlled radio equipment, industrial tools instrumental newly formed markets and applications.
Finally, C550x signal processors are designed for the most demanding applications to minimize energy use, including portable medical equipment, telephone headset with Noise and portable recording device. As noted, C550x chips equipped with significant memory and built-coprocessor implementing filter functions with fast Fourier transform/filter, with the ultimate impulse characteristic (FFT/FIR). Such a coprocessor, first proposed by TI, provides a significant increase productivity and energy efficiency - the manufacturer announced.
Home supply samples of new chips scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008, and in the next twelve months will gradually begin their mass production. Prices different, ranging from U. S. $ 9 Overall, according to specialists, so TI concentrated efforts to advance energy-saving chips although impressive, but are not something unexpected. Along with the requirements of minimizing the consumption of portable devices increased attention to this aspect and for devices fed from the wire grid. Therefore, following the announcements TI, is expected to be followed by still much composure in the same spirit of presentations and many other manufacturers.


• C674x fast fourier transform
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