TI suspend part of the plants in March

February 12, 2009, 7:52 pm

   Texas Instruments is considering suspending some of its production in March - indicate the sources related to the Taiwanese distributor of semiconductor products. Plants that can be closed, engaged in production of components for mobile phones and is currently characterized by low levels of congestion.
The Taiwan distributor of semiconductor components reported that they had received a message from TI, in which the company asked for clarification of orders for the first and second quarter of 2009, explaining that the intent to suspend the plants with low levels of loading, from 9 March to the end months. TI itself has not confirmed the information sources.
The sources believe that the clientele TI products should not suffer because of the closure of factories, since the company was worried about the preliminary refinement of the volume of orders for the near future and pledged to ship the products to the extent of the requested quantity.


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