Time Boss 2. 40:control over the use of computer

November 6, 2008, 6:01 pm

time boss 2. 40:control over the use of computer   Time Boss - a program that makes it possible to limit the use of computer time, time spent online, as well as the list of proscribed programs and folders. Tools to limit working times quite flexible - you can ask how many hours you can work a day or a week, indicate the hours during which you can use your computer, draw up a schedule for weekdays. There are separate buttons for quick additions bonus time for the current day or on weekends. Such restrictions can be established and to work on the Internet.
One of the interesting roles Time Boss - the opportunity to define when the use of certain applications. It can limit the time that a child holds for computer games. The program has a Russian interface.
The latest version adds the ability to restrict the program from the list of banned programs even after the renaming of the child file names.
Developer:NiceKit Distribution:shareware Operating system:Windows All Size 1, 9 MB Download can be here.


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