Tizer-Trailer Burnout Paradise:Cops and Robbers

April 17, 2009, 3:42 pm

   The downloadable content has long been an integral part of any less big game project. Therefore, it is no surprise that Electronic Arts is once again preparing to please fans of the arcade destruction racing Burnout Paradise fresh mini-addons. Project called Cops and Robbers. As you can guess on the roller, it will enable us to drive on the beautiful and stylish police vehicles.
Unfortunately, while the Cops and Robbers knows very little. Even the release date remains a secret. Definitely we can say that with such a set of law-enforcement machinery Paradise City will be able to catch up with any offender.
The game Burnout Paradise have long appeared in the sale, including the RS. In this entertainment, you are invited to ride on a huge virtual world and participate in a variety of destructive races.

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