Top-10 world charismatic companies - 2008

December 29, 2008, 5:10 pm

   New Year`s - it`s time to sum up in the most diverse and unexpected areas of human activity. What, in fact, analysts have taken the influential publication Business Week, recently published the results of the study, entitled The World s Most Influential Companies. In other words, something like a list of the most influential global companies, or as they say in Business Week, innovation and leadership that shape today`s business.
We, too, was curious about what companies in Business Week considered the most influential, and if more precise, whether designated a dozen world leaders IT-company, how many of them, and what place they occupy. We hope this rating will also be interesting to our readers.

  • Apple - perfect for all the well-known manufacturer of notebooks, desktop and server systems, as well as all kinds of iPhone, iPod and so on. The annual turnover of Apple is close to $ 24, 0 billion
  • It is equally well-known IT-company Google, the global search engine and countless number of related products - mail, documents, maps, online translation, news and other services.
  • You may be surprised, but third in the list is China`s Huawei of Shenzhen, a well-known manufacturer of networking equipment, cell phones and other telecommunications devices. In other words, a direct competitor of buffalo as Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco. Annual sales - about $ 12, 6 billion
  • JPMorgan Chase and Co - one of the troika of huge superbankov, recently bought potrepannogo crisis giant Washington Mutual.
  • Wow, who would have thought ! Five most influential in the world closes the Monsanto Company of St. Louis, a supplier of agricultural technology to farmers. According to Business Week, some 97% of all soybeans grown in the U. S. with the use of Monsanto, a nasekomostoykaya and gerbitsizostoykaya corn and cotton from Monsanto has become the standard for American farmers. Au, where the Russian Monsanto ?
  • News Corp - the world`s largest media in the U. S. alone, owns the largest and influential media like The Wall Street Journal, New York Post and the news channel Fox TV.
  • The oil company Saudi Aramco of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The volume of annual sales - $ 210 billion, up to 8 million barrels of oil daily.
  • Toyota Motor Corp - the world`s largest avtoproizvoditel, additional recommendations are not needed.
  • Unilever PLC - the parent company Unilever Group (Unilever) with headquarters in London, the owner of the brands Dove, Lipton, Vaseline, and other famous products for the poor through nekrupnym packages, respectively, and moderate prices.
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc - the world`s largest retail seller, to 100 million American visitors a week,
    Of course, the hot-dozen pioneers and most influential companies in IT only to look in a different way, and possibly with other leaders. But the words of the song is not vykinesh, so it sees the modern business world of Business Week. We hope soon to see a similar analysis on the Russian market, including, for the most innovative IT-companies.


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