Top List of requests for 2008 from Google

December 11, 2008, 8:52 am

top list of requests for 2008 from google   In anticipation of New Year, normally stock. Google has decided to find out what in 2008 was a unique Internet users in Russia, and to submit an annual ranking Russian Zeitgeist - the final list of the fastest growing demands made on Google. ru, in 2008. The term Zeitgeist translated from German means a spirit of the times, since the top sheet of queries Google is a reflection of the views and interests of millions of users who are always looking for something that is interesting and relevant at the moment. At the same time much as 25% of the total number of queries on any day are totally new, as defined in the Google search box for the first time. Zeitgeist Google is based on the summation of the most popular and fastest-growing search queries raised by users on Google. ru.
In 2008 Russia`s search take over the previous year and showed continued growth in popularity of social networking. In a dozen queries, rapidly growing rating, two leading social networks Runeta - In contact and classmates, the first and second places respectively. Social sites find their places in the ranking, the most popular queries. This time, Albert Popkov project ahead of its nearest competitor by as much as three positions. This year the interest of users grew, and with respect to Internet companies and services. Thus, won the third place site Wikipedia, and the seventh - QIP. In the hit-list also included the company`s Google Mail. ru and Yandex.
In addition, Google is the first case rankings, individual for each of more than 30 countries around the world. In Russia it lists the most important events of the year, the most popular public people, as well as ratings showing that Google users who wish to change and who is their biggest mystery.
in 2008 brought to users worldwide, many interesting, important and sometimes sad news. Among the most frequently requested events in Russia included several sporting events. The undisputed leader ranking the most important events was the Olympic Games in Beijing. Of course, nobody is left indifferent to the war between Georgia and Ossetia - the third most significant events, as well as a financial crisis - the fourth largest.
is interesting that, despite the election of the President of Russia, the two most prominent politicians in the list of most popular celebrities spared Dima Bilan and a group of Ranetki - the first and second places respectively. Rating I want to change. . . showed that the Russian people are most dissatisfied with eye color, hair and voice, but the question Who is. . . ? More requests received behemoth Ktulhu.
a reminder that all the thematic ratings reflect the most popular queries for 2008 on a particular topic. A more detailed examination of the data Zeitgeist 2008 and assess trends in the past year, you can on the site.
In addition to Russia`s ratings on the site Google Zeitgeist 2008, Google has published information on what topics were of interest to users worldwide. This year`s list of the fastest growing queries entered the brightest international sports events - the Olympics in Beijing and Euro 2008. In addition, the rating were several American politicians, as well as international social sites. Fully global ranking the fastest growing queries looks like this:
  • sarah palin
  • beijing 2008
  • facebook login
  • tuenti
  • heath ledger
  • obama
  • nasza klasa
  • wer kennt wen
  • euro 2008
  • jonas brothers


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