Toshiba Blu-ray Producer:reformatting HD DVD to Blu-ray

April 1, 2009, 12:53 pm

toshiba blu-ray producer:reformatting hd dvd to blu-ray   Japanese company Toshiba has developed the new Blu-ray Producer, which apparently does not differ from conventional optical disk player. But its functions are unique - is able to reformat the new HD DVD-format media discs in Blu-ray. Through a dense deployment of track capacity of 15 GB HD DVD-ROM may increase to 25 GB. The principle of operation of the device is not disclosed, but according to rumors, the novelty of nanotechnology and apply the latest special dual-core chip from the quantum D-Wave.
The decision to issue such a Toshiba device has not been formally disclosed, but industry sources say that after the victory of Blu-ray manufacturers in warehouses remained large deposits of HD DVD discs that you need somewhere to market, and Blu-ray Producer is designed to their request. According to analysts, with the launch of new products the demand for HD DVD discs will increase.
So far, the only supported single-layer media. In June, Toshiba will release an improved version of Blu-ray Producer Plus, which will also support dual-layer media and provide feedback to convert a Blu-ray in HD DVD.


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