Toshiba come to grips with the business of solar panels

January 7, 2009, 7:19 pm

   From the announcement issued by Toshiba, it follows that since the beginning of 2009, the corporation took the full deployment of business for the production of photovoltaic solar cells. This statement was supported by information on the establishment of a dedicated business unit Photovoltaic Systems Division, which has its own management structure and the promotion of products. The main task for the newly created department of the corporation as follows:proactive response to the growing demand for solar-powered, as one of the most promising environmentally-friendly energy sources that contribute to slowing global warming.
According to Toshiba, at present, in addition to decisions relating to the electricity needs of homes, the demand also megavattnogo scale projects that can provide the energy needs of entire industries. The Company believes that a significant volume of orders in this area can provide significant competitive advantages. Toshiba also noted that there are a number of its development, suitable for use as components of future solar generators - namely, high-efficient electric power conversion systems and the unique lithium ion batteries with the ability to quickly charge and a large number of cycles (Super Charge ion Battery, SCiB),
are projected to Toshiba, in 2015 the market photovoltaic systems for use on industrial sites will increase to 24, 4 billion dollars, compared to 13, $ 3 billion in 2008 In 2015, the company expects to take about 10 % of the market, bringing the annual sales to 2, $ 2 billion


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