Toshiba mini NB200 - stylish netbuk to 9 hours of autonomous work

April 23, 2009, 1:22 pm

toshiba mini nb200 - stylish netbuk to 9 hours of autonomous work 
toshiba mini nb200 - stylish netbuk to 9 hours of autonomous work   The company Toshiba has expanded its line of netbukov announced 10-inch model mini NB200. Given the many similar solutions in the market, the manufacturer made a bid for the stylish design of the model. Corps NB200 is matte textured surface and color palette includes a model of golden brown, blue and black colors. Technically, netbuk performed at the now standard Intel 945GSE chipset with a processor Intel Atom N270/N280. Another feature of new items can be considered the existence of triaxial accelerometer to protect the hard drive with shock, shaking and falling notebook.
Specifications Toshiba mini NB200:
  • Processor:Intel Atom N270/N280 1, 6/1, 66 GHz;
  • Chipset:Intel 945GSE;
  • Display:10 1-inch with LED backlight (1024h600 points);
  • Hard drive:160 GB;
  • Webcam:0, 3 lm;
  • Communications:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB;
  • Time autonomous work :4-9 pm;
  • Weight:1, 18 kg.
Sales netbuk appear in May. Cost mini NB200 in Europe starts with the $ 465 mark.


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