Toshiba opens an era of 32-nm flash memory

April 29, 2009, 12:49 pm

   Japanese company Toshiba Corporation formally announced its intention to soon begin delivery of chips flash memory type NAND MLC, performed on 32-nm design rules. It is now available to study samples of 32-Gbit chips that are the highest density of all solutions on the market. In July, Toshiba partners will receive samples of 16-Gbit chips that were released on 32-nm production methods.
Remember, in November last year, companies from Intel and Micron announced the beginning of the production of NAND MLC memory on the rules of 34 nm. These chips are produced on 300-mm plates and have a capacity of 32 Gb.
Press Service Toshiba said that the demand for flash memory is increasing due to expanding market of mobile phones and other mobile equipment with support for playback of multimedia. Raising the requirements for size and compactness of chips. Toshiba expects that the issuance of new 32-nm products it will strengthen its position in the market.
The mass production of 32-Gbit memory is scheduled for July 2009. The serial production models of the capacity of 16 Gbit starts in the third quarter of this fiscal year, ie from October to December 2009. New items will be made at the factory Yokkaichi Operations in Mie Prefecture.


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