The touch screen, controlled with the help of a floating image

April 21, 2009, 12:53 pm

the touch screen, controlled with the help of a floating image 
the touch screen, controlled with the help of a floating image   The National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, NICT) has developed a display that is controlled by touching the picture, hovering in the air. This floating touch screen, is expected to be used for medical purposes or during cooking, as they can manage both clean and dirty hands.
These optical devices developed by NICT and set on an LCD display to display images, as if hovering in the air. Location finger on the image is detected infrared touchscreen without glasses. Floating image has a high clarity. And it allows you to see the image floating in the air, even when the direct line of sight is moved in any direction.
The optical device uses NICT mikrozerkalnuyu matrix to form a real image of a mirror. What allows you to display a floating image by getting the real picture is similar to concave mirror or convex lens. But unlike them, this method does not result in a distorted picture, even with a demonstration of three-dimensional object, but for this reason that the position of the image does not change even when changing the point of view.
In addition, there is a problem of too small size of optical devices, limiting the amount of output a floating image. But in the NICT plan to lift this restriction by introducing a new technology to be able to output a full image rights after three years.


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