Trackball keyboard at the tip of a finger from Sanwa Supply

April 30, 2009, 8:13 am

trackball keyboard at the tip of a finger from sanwa supply   Japanese manufacturer of computer accessories, the company Sanwa Supply has released a miniature USB-trackball that can replace the usual mouse or noutbuchny tachpad. The uniqueness of the gadget is in its size and method of attachment. Trackball with three buttons and the size slightly larger than a 5-ruble coin (35h30 mm) is mounted on the tip of a finger.
You can not say clearly how a manipulator comfortable mouse, but at least he does not need additional surface. In addition, the fingers are free, and the user can type the text, without removing the gadget. The only minus the device - cable USB, which will surely hamper operations. That if it was a wireless trackball, so even with charging of PCMCI-slots, then it was not a price. And it costs only $ 28 and so far only in Japan.


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