Trailer for The Chronicles of Riddick:Assault on Dark Athena

December 5, 2008, 1:30 pm

   Game The Chronicles of Riddick:Assault on Dark Athena - an interesting project from authors famous stealth/shutera. Entertainment for the Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and PC is both a continuation and rimeykom The Chronicles of Riddick. The withdrawal will take place in spring 2009. Package includes Reworked version of The Chronicles of Riddick:Escape from Butcher Bay, as well as completely new chapter The Chronicles of Riddick:Assault on Dark Athena. Add to this multi-mode and get one of the most interesting releases soon.
In Escape from Butcher Bay Riddik runs from prison, but in Assault on Dark Athena hero must deal with the command ship Dark Athena, where oruduyut mercenaries. One of the main sights of the project was a great battle system, which combines hand-to-hand fighting and shooting. It looks very nice.

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