The transition to LED backlighting postponed

October 24, 2008, 2:06 pm

   We continue to monitor the growing emphasis by manufacturers of mobile computers for LED lighting systems - one of the interesting trends of modern laptops. According to preliminary projections, already this year, about 15-20 per cent of manufactured mobile systems must be LED-backlight, but this not be met. Now, the estimated percentage of mobile LED computers, released in 2008, reduced to 10 per cent, which is almost double.
The main problem that arose before the producers, was too high cost of LED matrix that does not allow them to compete with traditional CCFL-lamps. For example, a familiar today illumination system costs just 70 per cent cheaper than the use of LEDs. In doing so, users are unlikely to interest more expensive proposal, if at the same time on the market are cheaper models of computers, because the price is often the main parameter for selection, especially in srednetsenovyh and budget systems.
Incidentally, it is worth noting that this ratio is due pereproizvodstvom cost CCFL-lamps, which means that suppliers now offer their products at significantly reduced prices. As a result, manufacturers of personal computers have decided to postpone the mass production of models equipped with LED illumination.
But the situation is only a temporary phenomenon - in the next year will begin active production systems with LED-backlit, and by 2010 the proportion of these notebooks in the world market will increase to a solid 60, 3 per cent. For example, one of the leaders in the production of personal computers, the company Dell, 2010 promises to completely abandon the issuance of models with CCFL-lamps, in the same way and go all the major manufacturers.
- the first in the industry 17 RGB LED LCD panels for notebooks - LED backlighting sector master television systems.



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