Translation Last. fm on deferred payment basis

April 1, 2009, 9:23 am

translation last. fm on deferred payment basis   The developers of service Last. fm decided to postpone the date of introduction of unpleasant user innovation - the introduction of fees for listening to music. As we reported earlier, it was decided that the Last. fm will be paid to all but residents of the United States, Britain and Germany. The reason for this decision was that income from advertising, for which there is a service in many countries do not cover its costs. It was decided to charge a fee of 3 euros per month use the service.
However, after feedback from users, the creators of Last. fm decided to wait a little innovation in the past to work on some improvements. First, will be realized the possibility of purchase of subscription for a friend. Secondly, to be implemented a variety of ways to pay for those who can not use Paypal. In particular, the more likely it will be possible to pay via SMS. Finally, third, third-party applications that transmit Last. fm, will have full access to the Radio API. This means that for the user, subscriptions, streaming will work.
Translation Last. fm for a fee will be implemented as soon as all of these improvements will be realized.


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