TRENDnet president visited Russia

September 11, 2008, 6:41 pm

   The other day TRENDnet held a press conference, which visited the company president Huang Pei and which were presented to new products. Visiting president of the company is proof that the Russian market for TRENDnet is very important.
Mr. Huang announced that the percentage of turnover on the Russian market is in second place after the United States with the figure 10%, and by the end of 2007, the company took TRENDnet 7% of the total market sales of network equipment in the world.
A special revival of journalists was the issue of what measures the company is making TRENDnet in connection with the ban on the import of products standard N Draft in Russia. The ban on the devices that the standard is certainly a barrier to imported products, it supports - head of TRENDnet Ranjit Sarkar. -- However, the company is not in place, and made every effort to ensure that this decision of the Commission on radio frequency was changed to positive. In particular, we are working closely with the Commission on the detailed characteristics of products and conditions of their operation. I am confident that the problem will be solved in a fairly short period of time for Russia.
Not less interest statement has caused a regional manager for EMEA countries Stephen Troma, who described the new products TRENDnet. In particular, dvuhdiapazonnye routers and wireless access point standard N Draft, svichi and IP-camera. The emphasis in the production of the last will be placed on the possibility of creating integrated security systems, which include both internal and external surveillance. In the category of IP-cameras TRENDnet company holds special hopes in connection with the projected growth in IP camera market by 2010 (according to the IMSResearch. Com) to 2, 6 billion U. S. dollars.
In Russia and the CIS TRENDnet looks to continue strong sales growth, development partner network and reinforce positions in all markets by further expanding product line.


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