TRENDnet TK-IP101:managing servers from anywhere in the world

November 28, 2008, 1:16 pm

trendnet tk-ip101:managing servers from anywhere in the world   Press Service TRENDnet`s recently introduced Single-switch type of keyboard/video/mouse Switch over IP, which allows multiple users to remotely manage servers. Now there is no need to constantly present in the server room for disaster recovery and configuration settings in the BIOS.
NEW provides secure access to Windows-and Java-version of the client. With the help of TK-IP101 can be carried out simultaneously 4 logon of the 16 possible. Intuitive web user interface provides computer management at different stages - since the launch (of BIOS) to Windows applications or other operating systems. In addition, using the TK-IP101 and 8-rosette remote power controller TK-RP08 could simplify the procedure for remote on/off the computer.
Potential TK-IP101:
  • Remote control switches keyboard/video/mouse through the Internet;
  • Centralized management of multiple servers when connecting to a standard switch keyboard/video/mouse;
  • Managing remote servers from the BIOS level to the level of application GUI;
  • Intuitive web user interface provides updates and back-up;
  • support sessions and Telnet access protocol FTP;
  • work with LDAP, RADIUS servers and Active Directory;
  • support connectivity via RJ-45 port and serial port PPP;
  • PPP connection via a serial interface RS-232 data transmission at speeds up to 1 Mbps;
  • Support for Windows-and Java-clients.
The recommended retail price of new items is $ 580.


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