Trends in cameras in 2009

March 6, 2009, 7:49 am

trends in cameras in 2009 
trends in cameras in 2009   The development of modern digital cameras only on the principle of increasing the settlement of the image sensor to this point, virtually ceased. In this regard, the possibility of even fotokompaktov, not to mention lens reflex cameras, meet all the requirements that will provide users of non-professional photography. Instead, the first plan out the functionality of devices - in this direction will move the progress in the market of consumer cameras.
One of the main areas namely fotosensorov development instead of simply increasing their permission, is becoming increasing their sensitivity. This race has already started some time ago when polnokadrovyh mirror apparatus and production Nikon Canon, now spread in the mass sector of solutions, including fotokompaktov. We remind readers that the increased photosensitivity is not only the possibility of obtaining well-traced images at night shooting, but photographs and reducing blur when shooting with long shutter speed by reducing the last.
The second direction in the development of digital cameras will expand their ability to shoot video. Today, such functions are equipped with all compact cameras, and video starts to slowly go into the sector of digital mirror devices. At the same time, there is a tendency to shift to high-resolution imagery viderolikov.
But here there are pitfalls - it is quite possible that by increasing the video quality will suffer the possibility of high-speed machines, in particular, increase the shutter delay. At present the attention of the buyers are offered the camera to start filming before pressing the shutter button, allowing you to select the best shots. In this case the first plan out the image processing system and a large buffer for storing large amounts of information, but the delay time the shutter does not play a big role.
the most recent major trends that will adhere to manufacturers of compact cameras, it is expanding the dynamic range of sensors. It is about the possibility of simultaneous drawing camera sites, which are both in the shade, and brightly lit. To do this, producers can choose two ways of developing their own products. First, the possibility of high-speed camera to capture multiple images with different exposures, which are then combined in the processing of a processor in a single frame.
The second path, the creation of a new type of image sensor that can do two simultaneous shots with different exposures, which are then automatically combined. This is the way the company chose Fujitsu, has developed the latest fotosensor Super CCD EXR:one and the same scene captured sensor twice (Dual Capture Technology):one with high sensitivity, the second - at a low. Further information received from a single frame. However, in this case a valid permit fotosensora reduced by half - from 12 million to 6 million pixels But this quantity is sufficient for most users, especially in the case fotokompaktov.


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