Treyarch explains how to make patches for the PC

January 16, 2009, 4:19 pm

treyarch explains how to make patches for the pc   At the forums, Call of Duty, a member of the Treyarch (Call of Duty:World at War) Josh Olin (Josh Olin) explained in detail what difficulties must be overcome the developers to release a patch for your game. In general, the process is not so terrible, and. First we need to listen carefully to all claims of gamers, then go back to testing and catch all ugnetayuschie bugs.
Olin explains that this process can take quite a long time. Before the developers released an update to the latest toys, it may take several months and sometimes longer. Everything depends on the complexity of the problem. So it is not surprising that Bethesda have long worked on the patch for Fallout 3, and Rockstar still could not make the Grand Theft Auto 4 to function normally on a PC.


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