Tries to explain the causal games

April 30, 2009, 11:46 am

tries to explain the causal games   Game designer James Portnau (James Portnow) of the company Divide by Zero Games for Gamasutra wrote an interesting article, which attempted to define the notion of Casual Games.
In recent years, this term really started to live their lives, so it will not interfere know what it is. Portnau (Portnow) said that difficult to make a classic understanding of Casual Games. He believes that this is a game that can run for a short time without a clear final. The main feature of the entertainment should be a high level of opportunity for repetition (replayability). Under this interpretation, in principle, it is easy to substitute as Bejeweled, and Geometry Wars.
In conclusion, the author argues that the Casual gaming does not necessarily exist for people who do not like video games. You can make a project for the Casual hardkornoy audience.
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