Trion works with Petroglyph over MMORTS

April 29, 2009, 8:56 am

trion works with petroglyph over mmorts   Trion World Network has entered into an agreement with Petroglyph to create a not yet announced a multi-line strategy in real time. Just an interesting idea and, most importantly, timely. RTS has long been waiting for that time, when a second flowering of the genre. Perhaps it is a transition in the network will return the interest in this area.
just frightening that Trion for all his activities and so did not released, but Petroglyph, conversely, has done a lot of great RTS. For example, the studio responsible for the fantastic military toys Universe at War and Star Wars:Empire at War.
One thing is certain:there is money in Trion. The company received a contract for about $ 100 million, which should be sufficient for at least a few worthy projects.
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