TSMC announced the recruitment of hundreds of new employees

April 14, 2009, 8:53 am

   Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. (TSMC), the largest manufacturer of microchips, which works under the contract, announced the engagement of hundreds of employees in the State Research Department, and 12-inch production, which can be described as a sign of a possible coup in the sector.
The industry is still there the suspension of new staff, but we measure the deficit in the RD department, and there we need hundreds of new employees - said PH Chang (PH Chang), Vice-President of TSMC frame. Last month, TSMC Chairman of the Board of Directors announced that the prognosis of development of the semiconductor industry has become more positive. Sales in the first quarter fell by 55% due to weak demand for chips, but the results exceeded projections due to the recent major orders in the package of the Chinese Government to stimulate the economy. TSMC has a staff of more than 20 000 employees worldwide.
Analysts say that TSMC and rival UMC, as well as many other companies in Taiwan, received a preference under the initiative of China to promote the electronics in the underdeveloped areas, a factor that can influence in the coming months. UMC has announced that the March revenue fell by half compared with last year that it would be better indicators of previous months this year. In connection with its shares soared 7%, as investors felt that the price of its shares reached a bottom.
TSMC announced unconsolidated sales of $ 403 million, reached in March, down from 49% last year`s figure, but the decline slowed compared with three last month. Sales I Blvd. decreased by 39% in the values of the previous period. However, according to analysts, there is some hope for a significant increase on current levels during the quarter, as orders in April and May are obvious, but which can not be said about the situation since June.


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