TSMC invests in 22-nm production methods

April 23, 2009, 2:10 pm

tsmc invests in 22-nm production methods   Even the unstable economic situation is seen in the world today, no reason to stop development. This is the opinion of management of the Taiwan Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), reshivsheesya in a difficult period for the industry to continued investment in its own development. The main trends are:attracting new engineering skills, development of manufacturing technology and increased output of 40-nm integrated circuits, the development of new technologies of manufacturing the image sensor, the beginning of the development of 22-nm production methods.
Manual TSMC does not question the difficult position of all players in the world market of integrated circuits - the recession has led to major adjustments in the plans of all players in the IT-industry. And most TSMC, since the different growth rates shown in the first three quarters of 2008, during the fourth quarter of last year to date, things went far from the best way. Profit chipmeykera for a short period of time has decreased by 60%, forcing the leadership to take urgent action. In particular, the company had reduced its staff by 200 people.
Now, having reached the bottom of the fall, the market of integrated circuits will gradually recover lost ground, and TSMC believes that it is time to develop their own business. Among the major plans of Taiwan chipmeykera appear:
  • at this point in TSMC has about 1200 engineers engaged in R D-region over the next time to increase their numbers by 30%;
  • approximately 600 engineers engaged in TSMC design of integrated circuits, will soon increase their staff by 15%;
  • development partnership with Intel, in particular, the development platform Intel Atom;
  • the development of manufacturing CMOS-image sensor - the creation of device-resolution 2, 5 and 8 million pixels and the manufacture of chips will be carried out at 0, 11-micron production methods;
  • the development of such areas as production of RFID-devices, smart cards, SSD-solutions;
  • the development of 3D-chips - would be ready by June 300-mm plant specialization - TSV-solutions;
  • gradual improvement Fab 12 plant to absorb the 22-nm manufacturing process.
Note that the company`s TSMC expects in 2010 to begin production of integrated circuits for 28-nm production methods. Unfortunately, details are still unknown - reported only on the application of technologies such as high-k-dielectrics and metal gate technology formation. In this same year the company expects to begin production 32-nm chips, but after two years - has 22-nm solutions.


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