TSMC puts on 28-nm tehprotsess

October 1, 2008, 5:24 pm

   A leading Taiwanese manufacturer of integrated circuits, the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), shared his plans for the transition to new technology manufacture microchips. The most interesting information is presented on the 28-nm tehprotsesse, because in this case, the first time the company will form a closure on the basis of metal materials or materials with high dielectric constant. Previously, it was anticipated that this technology will be applied in the case of 32-nm tehprotsessa, but TSMC has decided not to rush events. Nevertheless, this process is difficult to name vyigryshnym against the backdrop of competitors Chartered, IBM and Samsung, which will use high-k/metallicheskie closures in the case of 32-nm tehprotsessa.
, however, is to return to the main theme of communication - technology manufacturing 28-nm integrated circuits, which will be ready by 2010. As with its predecessor, TSMC expects to use 193-nm immersion lithography, to form copper interconnect, low-permittivity dielectrics permeability busy silicon technology, etc.
Interestingly, the company plans to offer customers two options for creating arrays of closures:using oksinitrida traditional silicon, or the use of advanced materials. In the latter case, as there are two options:to create a low-cost and integrated circuits, a high-performance solutions. Despite some differences, both types of integrated circuits will be characterized by a significant increase in density to deploy elements on silicon crystal, higher-speed performance by 50% and 30-50% reduced power consumption (compared to 40-nm chips). As for the 32-nm tehprotsessa, then it would apply only oksinitrid silicon.
The reason for the revision of their initial plans for 32-nm tehprotsessa by TSMC is likely to lack of use of metallic and high-k-materials for the formation of the closures. While official representatives of Taiwan chipmeykera refused to comment, but observers prefer it to such an explanation.


• 28 nM technology
• 28nm 유전율
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