Tvidi. ru - children`s social network

February 4, 2009, 9:58 am

tvidi. ru - children`s social network   Do Russian children have their own social network. Portal Tvidi. ru is aimed at children 6-14 years old. The website created a special environment for the child`s development. For children developed online games, search services, communication, storage of photos and video files, news, the constructor of sites. Child Safety on the site provide mechanisms for the protection and premoderatsii content.
to visit parts of games and news you can without registration, but to assess all possibilities tweed, you must register. In particular, after registration opens comment function, communication, creation of sites and a set of virtual currency - tvidikov.
Tvidi. ru opened on 18 September 2008. Within four months, the portal has worked in private:the site was accessible only to registered users, and the registration was possible only by invitation. Invitations to the site received only Moscow schoolchildren in the marketing campaigns tweed. Now registration is open to all comers.


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