Two models of Radeon HD 4850 from XFX

January 30, 2009, 7:06 am

two models of radeon hd 4850 from xfx 
two models of radeon hd 4850 from xfx   The success of a series of video cards Radeon HD 4000 has forced some companies to change their attitude to the products of the correct NVIDIA. One such company was the XFX, a member of the so-called three friends overclockers. In early January we have already met with the model number and appearance of the graphics adapter XFX based chip ATI. Add now to these data a few words regarding the Radeon HD 4850 products.
According to the site XFX company introduced two graphics cards based on the established 55-nm chip technology RV770 PRO with 800 stream processors. One of them works at the recommended ATI frequencies, while the other, XXX Edition, has a plant dispersal. Clock frequency of broken version is 650 MHz graphics core and 1100 MHz for memory. Printed Boards Custom black XFX product must allocate among the competitors. The same objective, except for its direct purpose and dvuhslotovaya an air cooling system, of course, is done in black.
The standard version costs $ 172, and XXX Edition a little more expensive, namely $ 214.


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