U Intel and Lenovo emerged weapons against theft notebook

December 11, 2008, 11:30 am

   Corporation Absolute Software, Intel and Lenovo`s recently introduced hardware technology to protect against hacking and prevent theft of business notebooks. Very soon, some models of Lenovo notebooks will be one of the first mobile systems with technologies implemented Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection and Absolute Computrace. New optional features will be available as early as this month.
Absolute Computrace Technology and Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection jointly implement the mechanism that detect potential criminal situation and reacting to them in accordance with established IT policies. Users can activate this feature directly on the site. Thanks to the support of new hardware technology Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection, you can benefit from the use of managed security company Absolute.
For example, if your laptop ThinkPad T400 does not register on time at the center monitoring Absolute Monitoring Center via the Internet, the Anti-Theft PC Protection automatically blocks by Computrace laptop to prevent unauthorized user actions. In addition, IT administrators can use the Computrace technology and Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection to disable the device in case of loss or theft. The next time you try to register stored in the computer data can be removed, and the laptop is fully locked. Feature Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection can deactivate the device, if the number of attempts to enter the password exceeds the set value or laptop was not registered during the time in excess of established IT-Policy. When the computer again would have authorized user, a specialist IT unit of his organization will be able to unlock it.
Note that the first version of Absolute Computrace technology used in the BIOS ThinkPad T43 notebook back in 2005. Through the means of self-function Computrace retains its performance even after reformatting or replacing a hard disk.


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