Ubisoft registered trademark Driver:The Recruit

April 29, 2009, 8:51 am

ubisoft registered trademark driver:the recruit   As has been known recently, company Ubisoft registered trademark Driver:The Recruit. The network immediately appeared assumption that it is so will be called the next game in the famous series. Recall that last summer it became known that the franchisee is indeed going to expand, releasing the fifth game in the series.
I want to believe that all these rumors are indeed true. As the E3 2009. The exhibition is traditionally done a lot of announcements, so we look forward to the movie premiere tizer-Driver:The Recruit by Ubisoft. However, the publisher has no comment on these rumors.
Series Driver, which began as a virtual shifting of French film coherent currently not experiencing the best of times. We hope that the new project will be able to return to the former interest in the franchisee.
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