Ultrasound can now be done on the smartphone

April 26, 2009, 3:05 pm

ultrasound can now be done on the smartphoneultrasound can now be done on the smartphone 
ultrasound can now be done on the smartphone   A group of researchers (William D. Richard, Ph. D. and David Zar) from Washington University in St. Louis (Washington University in St. Louis, WUSTL) developed USB-probe for ultrasonic scanning of internal organs. The compact device with the help of special software, you can connect not only laptop but also to a smartphone based on Windows Mobile. Creating a probe was made possible through a grant from Microsoft in the amount of $ 100 thousand, dedicated to developers in 2008. With this device you can hold an ultrasound study of kidneys, livers and other organs.
Of course, such a study would not be able to replace the ultrasound at a specialist unit, but as a mobile option for the rapid diagnosis of disease or for teaching medical students is quite fit. In addition, do not forget about the relatively low cost device. Proposed researchers option costs about $ 2000, whereas the typical portable ultrasound Installation will cost $ 30000. In the plans of the developers to reduce the cost of kit (sensor ON) to $ 500.


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