UltraVnc 1. 0. 55:free solution for remote administration

April 3, 2009, 3:29 pm

ultravnc 1. 0. 55:free solution for remote administration   New version of free software for remote administration. One of the interesting features - fine-tune the server part. If you for some reason you want to hide the existence of a computer program on a remote server, you can invoke the program settings window by clicking the icon in the notification area, and restrict user rights. For example, you can prevent the closure of the program and change its settings from the server, as well as to hide icon in system tray so that the curious raised fewer questions. There is also a useful opportunity to lock the mouse and keyboard on a remote computer during a session of a connection to it.
The latest version of the program increased productivity, improved automatic detection.
Developer:UltraVNC Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 2, 3 MB, you can Download here. Download Russifier for the viewer, you can here. Download Russifier to the server could be here.


• how can i restrict sessions in ultravnc
• ultravnc hide
• ultravnc hide systray when
• ultravnc hide session
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