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March 23, 2009, 6:46 pm

   Ambitious Cisco Systems Inc. unexpectedly entered the server market, using its achievements in semiconductor technology, networking and virtualization to gain advantage in the industry veterans, such as IBM and Hewlett-Packard. Unified Computing System (Unified Computer System, UCS) by Cisco highlights the key trends of building data centers, but the company faced stiff competition in a sensitive and mature markets.
Twice this year, the information that the Director General of John Chambers (John Chambers) displays the network giant to a fairly large market, where the company is a relative newcomer. Back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Cisco introduced mediaserver and audio for the digital home, through the purchase of Linksys to promote their brand in the consumer sector.
Now Chambers is seeking to label Cisco has taken the largest possible space in the computer centers, which are increasingly becoming the masters of tomorrow`s technologies emerging era of computing in the cloud (cloud computing). When adding servers to its proposal for the networking, the company plans to expand its role to the system integrator, compatible with IBM and HP. Today we go less than 10% of VC, - said Chambers. With a new market we are able to talk about 25% or more.
The company anticipates that the UCS may take a $ 20-billion share of the total market of data-points in the $ 85 billion According to Cisco, UCS will reduce capital and operating costs, and it is easier to manage than competing systems. The structure of UCS, following the trends, includes two network switch and at least 320 blade-servers, managed as a unified system. Within a company to establish new and existing specialized IP (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit, ASIC) for the differentiation of their offer on the market. Construction UCS combines separate Fibre Channel storage and Ethernet-network in a FCoE-link (Fibre Channel over Ethernet), using existing ASIC in switch Cisco Nexus. According to the company, this will help reduce the number of external boards and wires to work.
In addition to this, Cisco received a software technology called VN-Link, which was created in collaboration with VMWare and implemented in ASIC. As a result, this module allows you to move virtual machines from one server to another, keeping data on their configuration. Company sent a joint application to the IEEE 802 group on the standardization of VN-Link. In addition, Cisco has found a way to expand the amount of memory supported by Intel Nehalem server processors in their machines. However, it is reported that Cisco did not announce the details of these changes to appear in the sales of processors in April. The density of memory - a very important figure - said Brian Byun (Brian Byun), vice-president of VMware`s cooperation and policy decisions. One of the most important factors for virtualization is the amount of memory available.
As a result, Cisco is planning to replace the separate networks, data storage and server management tools with a central unit at its FCoE-switch. This action will allow users to quickly set up their own servers, not taking into account information on their structure.


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