Unique native USB cable 2. 0

April 2, 2009, 9:33 pm

unique native usb cable 2. 0unique native usb cable 2. 0 
unique native usb cable 2. 0   Despite the fact that domestic manufacturers still significantly inferior to foreign counterparts in the industry of high technology, they are still available from time to time the market interesting competitive products. Our attention has attracted the development of the Russian company Junik Ai You - USB-extension of the standard 2. 0 to transmit the signal without loss of up to twenty meters.
The Secret of new items in the special smart chips that allow many to enhance the signal. Integrated receiver transmitters provide a stable signal transmission at speeds up to 480 Mbps. Technology shielding, developed by engineers Junik Hay You, can send signals through a USB extension cord without interference on the premises with a high background electromagnetic radiation.
According to the developers, the new USB-extender today has no analogues in the world market on the range, reliability, sustainability and quality of signal transmission. The cable allows you to easily use any equipment working group, which is at a great distance from the workstation.
New has been on sale for the recommended retail price of about 3 thousand rubles. Also reported that in the near future will be registered on the new brand under which the company will release to the market and its unique development.


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