Universal robot Viper scout for the IDF

November 6, 2008, 7:47 am

universal robot viper scout for the idfuniversal robot viper scout for the idfuniversal robot viper scout for the idfuniversal robot viper scout for the idf 
universal robot viper scout for the idf   Israel since announcement of its sovereignty for the past several decades, or waging war or preparing for it. Accordingly, in order to effectively fight the Israeli Defense Army needs a modern and technically well-equipped combat units. And they, in turn, to conduct exploration in an urban environment requires a universal and effective tool to not endanger the lives of soldiers.
most suited for this purpose robotehnicheskaya platform with the greatest possible road. And now, the company Elbit Systems, has for several years working on a universal intelligence robotehnicheskoy platform for the IDF, together with the firm Galileo, announced the successful completion of the test project Viper.
The project Viper was created several options for the prototype robot intelligence, the latter of which not only approached by all criteria, claimed the army of Israel, but also successfully passed all laboratory tests and military. In a construction robot Viper is a universal transformation chassis, allowing him to move at high speed on a level surface, as well as cross sections with rough surfaces and even to climb stairs or on a high curb. System traffic Viper consists of two wheels, transformed into triangular track and two special bearings that allow the robot to redeploy its center of gravity.
Managed it remotely using the controller, appearance reminiscent of modern game console controller. The picture and sound from cameras and supersensitive microphones installed on the Viper, is transmitted to the small screen and headphones, the built-in special glasses operator. Camera robot can work in normal and infrared spectrum, and it is equipped with a small but powerful LED light that allows you to significantly enhance the ability of its application.
To ensure that after the successful exploration areas did not hold back the robot operator, the Viper has a fully automated return to the starting position on the original route. Versatility Viper can be used not only for intelligence, but also in counter-terrorism purposes, namely to search for explosive devices in remote locations to humans.
low weight, compact size and ease of management - all of which allows Israeli reconnaissance robot effectively and move in almost any conditions of urban development. Subsequently, Elbit Systems plans to equip Viper is a system silently guided weapons, so that the robot can not only detect but also to destroy important objectives without the risk of being detected.


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