Upcoming changes to the processor family AMD Athlon

December 29, 2008, 12:06 pm

   The company AMD in the second quarter of next year plans to release a series of central processors Athlon - referring to the six models of 45-nm integrated circuits, of which two will be owned by the family of quad - Athlon X4 microchips 615 and 605, trehyadernyh Athlon X3 420 and 410, as well as the Athlon X2 Dual 240 and 235. The latter two models will be released in June 2009, while the four mentioned earlier - in April.
Along with the release of the latest microprocessor company AMD is planning to conclude with the production of the previous generation:as early as December chipmeyker stops taking orders for the model Phenom X4 9650, and in May of next year will suffer a similar fate, and 45-nm Quad Phenom II X4 920 and 940 Black Edition, supports socket Socket AM2. Far away in the most cost-effective solutions AMD Phenom X4 9950 (TDP 140 watts) and 9850 (TDP 125 watts) is also soon to disappear from the counters of shops - in March 2009, the manufacturer will take orders for the latest issue of the product. A little later, in June, the deadline for applications for the manufacture and Phenom X4 processors 9750, 9850 (95 watts) and 9950 (125 watts).
In parallel with the withdrawal process from production of quad-processor company AMD will begin a similar procedure in relation to decisions and trehyadernyh Phenom X3 8450, 8550, Phenom X3 8650 and the Phenom X3 8850 and 8750. It is also worth noting that in March will be completed orders to produce cost-effective models Athlon X2 4450e.


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