Update 3D-editor of SOFTIMAGE | XSI 7. 01

December 4, 2008, 1:19 pm

update 3d-editor of softimage | xsi 7. 01   An update 3D-editor of SOFTIMAGE | XSI, the first since the acquisition program by Autodesk. Upgrading to version 7. 01 fixes several bugs related to incorrect work with the drivers ATI and NVIDIA, the means to import and export data management, to create animation, modeling tools and other programs.
The principal innovation SOFTIMAGE | XSI 7 - an open platform for ICE, intended to create complex visual effects through Particulate. In many libraries with ready-effects, each of which can be changed to your liking. If desired effects can be created and from scratch. Ready effects can be stored in open XML format or in a secure file transfer and other users of the program. For the success of the new ICE platform in the program also introduced engine GigaCore II, ensuring the involvement of all facilities of modern multiprocessor computers.
Among other innovations SOFTIMAGE | XSI 7 are:support for mental ray 3. 6, a new architecture of creating shaders in real-time RTS III, a simplified licensing system.
Download SOFTIMAGE | XSI 7. 01, you can here.


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