Update Dr. Web 5. 0 for Windows Mobile

April 29, 2009, 10:27 am

update dr. web 5. 0 for windows mobile   The company Doctor Web released an update to the software solutions Dr. Web 5. 0 for Windows Mobile, providing antivirus protection for handheld computers and communicators.
Dr. Web 5. 0 for Windows Mobile checks for viruses as a memory of the mobile device or a memory card installed in it. When detection of malicious user can choose the required action (ignore/delete/put in quarantine).
The update Dr. Web 5. 0 for Windows Mobile has made the following changes and additions to the program:
  • support the screen resolution greater than 640:480;
  • automatic appearance skroll bar for long messages in the application updates;
  • support of the German language.
Shoppers products Dr. Web Security Space, Anti-Dr. Web 5. 0 for Windows, Anti-Dr. Web for Windows Linux, Dr. Bastion Web for Windows and a set of Dr. Small Business Web are free to use Dr. Web for Windows Mobile by purchasing a license for 1, 2 or 3 years. The cost of a separate e-licenses Anti-Dr. Web for Windows Mobile for 1 year is 390 rubles.
You can also get a key for 30 days free use of the program by selecting the appropriate option in the main menu.


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