Update Dr. Web GUI Scanner

April 29, 2009, 10:58 am

update dr. web gui scanner   The company Doctor Web, has released an update to the antivirus scanner GUI Dr. Web GUI Scanner, used for single products Anti-Dr. Web 5. 0 for Windows, and Dr. Web Security Space.
Dr. Web GUI Scanner performs a comprehensive scan of system memory, active processes and files on your computer.
Installing this update will help:
  • Antirutkita use the modified module, which among other things, detects and neutralizes the new version butkita BackDoor. MaosBoot;
  • to correct the error switch languages inquiries;
  • to apply advanced processing of some command line parameters;
  • fix errors in the scanner in safe mode Windows.
For the user Anti-Dr. Web for Windows and Dr. Web Security Space updated modules are available for automatic downloading to the servers of Doctor Web.


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