UPgrade celebrated exit 400 th issue of the journal

December 26, 2008, 1:41 pm

upgrade celebrated exit 400 th issue of the journal   On 14 December in the shopping center Gorbushkin court celebration was held on the issue of the journal entry chetyrehsotogo Upgrade and New Year. Typically, this type of event is not without entertaining quizzes and competitions. It was placed on the shoulders of powerful partners. On the humorous attitude towards the problem of the company Xerox, which pleased the guests of our holiday near funny and creative competitions. The winner of the first of them, managed to identify at the touch of a totally different subjects, was solemnly awarded a hand scanner Xerox Travel Scanner 100. The participant that wins the contest for the best sense of smell, has received multi-unit Xerox Phaser 3100 MFP with aromatizatorom air.
Funny dartsu tournament organized by the representatives of the Korean company Samsung Electronics. The target is spinning, the participants threw darts, trying to reach the goal, and thus dislodge a gift, and at the same time to recruit the maximum number of points for the main prizes - hard drives and optical drives. Ended with the presentation of the new set of Samsung products - external drive S2 Portable (2, 5) and S1 Mini (1, 8).
The company Fujitsu Siemens Computers introduced the laptops at the stand and PK in the new black-and-white design. Visitors were very positive. The most popular used netbuk AMILO Mini. The representative of the company has organized several cheerful contests. One of them - juggling Clubs and balls, for which the company odarivala participants valuable prizes and gifts - wireless mouse, speakers, mugs and T-shirts with the logo of the company.
and also were awarded prizes from magazines UPgrade and UPgrade special for the most interesting pictures, congratulations.


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