USB-Toys:another questionable Six

April 16, 2009, 11:12 am

usb-toys:another questionable sixusb-toys:another questionable sixusb-toys:another questionable sixusb-toys:another questionable sixusb-toys:another questionable six 
usb-toys:another questionable six   The abundance at first sight entirely of non-objects that can be connected to the USB-connector, can provide clear evidence of inexhaustible possibilities of humanity in the invention, for example directly, but rather useless things . Today we continue with this list describing the next six devices.
USB-krokodilchik, at least, contains an integrated memory, but 128 MB for 44 dollars - it is too much. Yes, and the size of the animal makes it not very convenient for constant carrying. Although these gadgets are not bought from pragmatic considerations, since the truth ?
There are utokonosy, but there utkopylesosy. Connecting to USB, of course. By задумке creators, this pylesosik must cope with the crumbs caught in the keyboard. We can safely assure - the device can be immediately given to the children, let them produce useful behavioral skills. To get rid of kroshek at the keyboard, will have either to renounce any kind of food in the workplace, or from time to time to make cleaning more radical means.
USB-fondyushnitsa - polumificheskoe device, which many consider just a joke, but which, nevertheless, included in the list of some online stores at a cost of about U. S. $ 30 By the way, that we are there talking about food in the workplace ?
aromatic oil lamp, fueled bus USB. Excellent approach to neutralize the odor after USB-fondyushnitsy, or use the regular meal, like a beloved indigenous inhabitants office pizza.
The plasma lamp certainly is for those who are finally tired of lamp in the display and want to be distracted. According to the manufacturer, in response to finger touch to this marvelous torch will run towards the blue lightning. The subsequent enlightenment of consciousness can not be guaranteed. The price - about U. S. $ 14
is completed with our current list of USB-boxer, he weight to polukilogramma. Actions gromily limited to training exercises with boxing pear, but a complete software offers three modes of operation, and it is with the graphics and sound effects. In this device the price in foreign stores - about $ 45, which is almost the same as are asked for much more trivial crocodile, as described at the beginning of this material.


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