A-users ICQ again, the problem with access to the network

October 3, 2008, 1:57 pm

a-users icq again, the problem with access to the network   This morning, many thousands of users were not able to go on the ICQ. Service not worked for several hours, beginning with about half of the Tenth Moscow time. Problems with ICQ were not only among Russian users, but also in other countries. It has been reported in many forums, could not connect, not only those who use native client ICQ, but also users of QIP and Adium. In addition, if users QIP and ICQ Connect before the time when the crash occurred, they were online, but when trying Reactivating the could not go on the network.
Official cause of the malfunction has so far unknown - on the site ICQ no information on the cause of the incident does not appear. Suggest that the reason for the fall ICQ to a change in protocols, as such incidents have occurred earlier precisely for this reason. However, the reasons may be different.
We have been able to obtain comments Ilgama Zyulkorneeva, developer of Internet messenger QIP:
The current problem with the connection ICQ emerged at the hands of AOL, which is aware of the problem and solve it. But difficulties have arisen once again prove that to ensure a stable connection, optimal use multiprotokolnymi clients, such as the QIP Infium. Today, October 3, we have released an updated version of QIP Infium - multiprotokolnogo messenger with support for the protocol jabber. When using this product you would not be problems with communications for two reasons:
1. If there are any problems with the protocol ICQ, the QIP Infium always have basic protocol - jabber, which could play a backup role, if both users use the QIP Infium and talking to the problems of a protocol ICQ.
2. You can add to the QIP Infium all your contacts from other services such as GTalk, Mail. Ru Agent, etc. So when they lose contact with the user of ICQ, you can communicate with them through other services, using only one Internet messenger.
Another way out is to use another popular means of communication - Skype.


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