V addon to StarCraft 2 will be the fourth race

September 10, 2008, 9:15 pm

v addon to starcraft 2 will be the fourth race   One of the founders of Blizzard Frank Pierce (Frank Pearce) spoke in an interview VG247, that at the moment the company is unable to add StarCraft 2 in the fourth race.
But this does not mean that developers be limited to three parties to the conflict. In the alleged addon for the strategy to impose another group. Specialists have already discussed this possibility. Staff Voodoo Extreme sincerely hope that they withdraw at the scene of orcs. Green verzily well be looked into space suit.
The official release date StarCraft 2 is still unknown. It is anticipated that the product release in 2009, but exactly when this will happen is difficult to say. Blizzard exactly would not release until the game will be completely finished.
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