Verbatim Announces home NAS-system capacity up to 2 TB

March 13, 2009, 12:30 am

verbatim announces home nas-system capacity up to 2 tb   The company Verbatim, which specializes in the production of storage devices, announced the entry of two new NAS-system of high capacity - 1 and 2 TB.
The new models included in the line of Gigabit NAS due to availability of support for Gigabit Ethernet-networks. In addition to traditional applications, these drives can be used as a home entertainment server, which, for example, could transmit video streams with UpnP/DLNA-compatible media players to TVs, as well as music for any of the computers on the network on which the program running iTunes. It also has a port for a network printer.
Drives Gigabit NAS might operate as a traditional PC, and Mac computers. To ensure the safety of the creation of personal folders, which have access only to their owners. To back up kit supplied software Nero BackItUp 4 Essentials.
New items will be on sale in late March. Recommended retail price terabaytnoy model - $ 230.


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