Vershok vs Unit:turn on the original size

April 1, 2009, 3:26 pm

vershok vs unit:turn on the original size   The Russian company`s CS and T-Platforms conducted historical research, which has set the priority of an old Russian measure of length - vershka, the widely used currently to denote the dimension server racks, switches and electrical boxes imported unit - units (1 Unit, 1U). Surprising as it turned out that in fact two dimensional units correspond to the same length. Naturally, when the newly discovered evidence and the BCS T-Platform prefer to use domestic products, and as stated. Beginning with the first of April, in the names of manufactured devices can be found unusual combinations like dvuhvershkovy server, or the electrical box with ten odnovershkovymi slots. However, the company believes that securing new terms in daily use - just a matter of time.
Now, detailed calculations, which allowed the researchers to come to such an outstanding result. It is well known that in ancient times a measure of length and weight have always been a man:how he will stretch his hand as he can raise, etc. In Russia since ancient times the length measured in arshin, quarters and vershkah. Initially the yardstick was the length of the human step. But so much is that every merchant had his own yardstick. Therefore, in times of Peter I was introduced the standard unit of measurement of length - state yardstick. He represented a measuring line, at the ends of which were secured with metal tips of the public stigma. Under the decree of Emperor казенного yardstick length was exactly 28 English inch (2, 54 cm). Arshin divided into 16 vershkov, and it turns out that 1 vershok was equal to 1, 75 inches, that is exactly in the modern classification 1U ! Thus, the Russian Tsar Peter I, unaware of itself, has introduced a standard for today`s embedded communication devices, and western units appeared on a couple of centuries later.


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